If there is an overriding lesson from thirty-plus years of acting, it is that great theater can happen anywhere.   I am so grateful for the opportunities and the people I've been fortunate to work with (especially the one I married).  This highlight page is a work in progress :-)


Les Miserables

Playing any role is as much about the commaraderie backstage as it is the onstage work.  This was especially true of this production of Les Miserables (Northern Stage).  Tim Shew (as that ne'er-do-well Valjean) and the rest of the cast kept the laughter flowing backstage.  But we were ALWAYS the consummate professionals onstage. 


Reflections from my nearly eight years on the road with Phantom could fill several hundred pages but the most important was meeting my wife Erin Stewart.  Traveling and performing together on a Broadway National Tour was almost like being on vacation.  A vacation where you work your butt off eight shows a week then pack up and move.  




CATS (IV National) was my first production contract and will always hold a special place in my heart.  I was an understudy for Gus and Old Deuteronomy.  When the guy playing Gus hurt his ankle (I didn't trip him) my string of performances out-numbered the runs of most of my previous shows.  Performing in those iconic theaters like the Orpheum and Fox, one could sense the ghosts of all the performers that had gone before, most of whom did not wear Yak hair.