Guessing til I get there.

I over do it sometimes with the symbolic meanings of things. That said, the most beautiful dragonfly I've ever seen flew inside our house yesterday as I was painting.  

It rested on my finger momentarily and I took it to the door to let it fly away.

I did get a picture of it when it landed on the sliding door frame, but I'm not going to show it to you.
The dirt and the dead fly next to it kind of dull its magnificence.

The dragonfly symbolizes a number of things, but the ones I usually associate with it are Change and Transformation.

At the moment it flew in I was working on a new painting that I had just changed and transformed completely.

It made me wonder if I should change it again... into an image of a dragonfly. Maybe next week.

Most of the time I stick with what I envision. Occasionally, an entirely new piece emerges.

I started with the intention of a bold, dark abstract and ended up with something that was soft and light with more realism.  

All the while I was questioning until there was a shift and I started feeling good about it.

Then Erin came home and reacted positively.

Not that she's the deciding factor or anything.

(Editors Note: Yeah, right.)

But if she says, "That's amazing!" instead of "Interesting"...well you know.

(Editors Note: Yes, we do.)

Change is a process of questioning.

And sometimes it's...

(to borrow a line from the song, All Will Be Well)

"Only guessing 'til I get there, then I'll know."