People, possibilities and passion.

I have often longed for clarity in my life. Clarity of purpose, mainly.

I have assumed up until recently that one's purpose must be tied to one's vocation. As a result I've often felt that I was on a path toward certain uncertainty.

Outside the door of my printer's studio is one of those lists of things to do to be a successful artist. About halfway down is "Make friends with uncertainty."  

I achieve this for short periods... then we become enemies again.

I think it's more helpful to become BFFs with what is certain.
And I'm certain that I'm grateful. 

I'm grateful for the people in my life, the possibilities that get me out of bed in the morning, and the passion I give and receive from those two things.

I really didn't mean to come up with three P words, but it does kind of sum it up nicely. 

People, Possibilities, and Passion.

Remember the three Ps! You heard it here first!